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Fall Cleaning Checklist

Fall is here—it's the perfect season to complete household chores to get your home all cozy for the upcoming winter and holiday season. Since the weather is just beginning to get chilly, it's ideal to start with the outdoor tasks and then move indoors as the weather becomes colder. By doing some extra work now, you'll be thanking yourself when you're enjoying a snug winter without as many worries. We've curated a fall checklist, so you know exactly where to start and what tasks to tackle in the most efficient way.

Clean and store outdoor furniture - If you do not have space to move furniture into a storage area, protect it with custom covers or weatherproof tarps secured with bungee cords. Place a tarp under metal furniture and accessories to help prevent rust stains on the patio floor.

Service and store gardening equipment - Now is the time to give each tool a good cleaning and make any needed repairs. Lawnmowers and any gas-powered equipment should be winterized properly so they will be in top shape when the first hint of spring arrives.

Clean gutters and downspouts - You may need to clean the gutters out several times during the fall as leaves continue to fall. Always be sure to use good safety practices and a very sturdy ladder.

Winterize outdoor pools and water features - If you have an outdoor pool, spa, or water features that is not heated, drain the water, or use a cover. Take the time to winterize exposed pipes and faucets to avoid costly repairs.

Remove window screens and install storm windows -As screens and window air conditioners are removed after the summer, give them a good cleaning, and make any needed repairs.

Complete an outdoor home inspection - Inspect the roof for any cracking or loose shingles after the heat of summer. Make repairs before winter snow, wind, and rain cause leaks.

Do some pest control to prevent mice and other rodents and insects from seeking shelter inside your home. Inspect the foundation of your home to look for cracks and make those repairs. Check windows and doors for any broken seals and replace damaged caulk for more energy efficiency.

Schedule a maintenance check-up for your heating system – Schedule an HVAC technician to check your heating system. It is also important to regularly change the filters in your heating and air conditioning system.

Sweep and inspect chimneys and fireplaces - A chimney should be cleaned and inspected yearly. A chimney sweep will help protect your home from accidental fires caused by creosote build-up.

Change smoke detector batteries - A change of seasons also signals a time to change batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This is one essential chore that can help protect everyone in your household.

Clean and reverse ceiling fans - If the ceiling fans in your home have been running all summer, it's time to turn them off and clean the fan. Then, look for the small switch on the fan body that reverses the blades so that the heated air will be redirected in a downward flow to keep you warmer during chilly days.

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