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THS Takes on Halloween

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Total Home Solution is an award-winning home remodeling company based in Montgomery County and The Main Line in Pennsylvania. Owner, Tom Hawks, has built amazing kitchens, bathrooms, additions, sunrooms, and even indoor pools. However, his arguably most impressive project to date came when he was asked to build a garbage truck for an aspiring trash man's Halloween costume.

"When Mom came to ask me if I could help build a "simple" garbage truck, I jumped on the opportunity." Tom said. As a proud Grandpa of 3 little boys, Tom knows the importance of making toddler's dreams come to life!

It took 3 weeks to create this custom, hand-crafted waste management truck. (Check out the pictures below!)

"The attention to details is obviously amazing but it's really the amount of hear that Tom put into the project that makes it so special to us. Halloween was a hit but this truck is a keepsake for our boys that will be treasured for years to come!" - Garbage man's mom

From beginning to end, Tom considered all of the details and all of the components to bring this garbage truck to life - while keeping it safe for two special boys!

In addition to the garbage truck, Tom has made wooden trucks, bar carts, flower beds, rocking horses and toy boxes! If you think this is impressive... you should see what Tom can do with your home. Check out our site and find us on social media!

Scroll through the photos below!

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