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Tom's Custom Creations

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Tom Hawks (owner of Total Home Solution) not only specializes in home renovation, but he also specializes in the art of woodworking as well!  

Tom’s love of woodworking began in 2016 when he had the desire to create something handmade and extra special for the arrival of his grandson, Liam. His first project was a beautiful, monogrammed toybox. From there, he began creating numerous special pieces for his grandsons, including a fleet of wooden toy trucks and a rocking horse. Each project was made with true attention to detail and quality with the intention of being passed down through the generations.

Tom also gifted his newlywed nephew and bride a gorgeous monogrammed grill & cooler cart to forever remind the couple of their special day.

Tom decided to share his woodworking talent with the local community by creating and donating a wooden rocking horse to the nursery at SoulBeat Studio in Audubon - Tom's favorite spot to workout!  It’s no secret that Tom LOVES to support OTHER small businesses!

Tom's giving doesn't end here... he really enjoys the opportunity to give to his family, friends and community and has no plan of stopping any time soon!

Be on the lookout for Tom's creations in the community!

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