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Work-at-Home Office & Study Spaces

What a time this is for us all! In light of current world events surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are faced with the new reality of working from home. Working from home isn’t a new phenomenon, but with so many people taking measures to practice social distancing, it has definitely become a new part of many people’s lives. And with many families also facing the new reality of homeschooling kids, our homes now need to function in many different ways, all at the same time.

You might find yourself in need of some home office ideas so we’ve rounded up 4 clever ways to help you!

Finish Your Basement

A finished basement is almost always the lowest cost living space you can add to your home. It’s space you already have and finishing it to meet your family’s needs can give you room to both work and play. Finishing your basement requires consideration of some specificconstruction details, such as solving moisture issues and adding plumbing and adequate lighting, but with the right planning it can become the perfect place to get things done.

Create a pocket office or "Cloffice"

Ever heard of the “Cloffice?” Many people are turning to their closets as impromptu office spaces. You can use your closet as a quiet space to take a call, a place to take a few breaths, or even a full-fledged workspace if needed. This is a clever hack that you can use in any awkward nook, corner, or closet in your home. Just add a desk or table, a chair, and ample lighting and you’ve got a simple office arrangement that will blend in seamlessly with your living area while taking up little space overall.

Put built-ins to work

If your home has built-ins, consider incorporating a home office into that set-up. Consider skipping the cabinets in one of the units and install a desk instead. You could even place a desk in front of the built-ins in a pinch and use the shelving space above for extra office organization.

Optimize the space under your stairs

Got an open staircase? Put that awkward wedge of space to use as a home office! This is a great way to increase your home’s functionality without taking up any extra square footage (as this is a space that would likely otherwise go unused). Place your desk on the farthest side and work additional storage under the lower clearance. You can also use this as a semi-secluded study spot for kids who are schooling from home.

Whether you run a home-based business, bring work home regularly, telecommute a few days a week, or just need a better, more convenient homework space for the kids, we can show you how the basement, attic or a corner of a bedroom or kitchen can be transformed. We’ll create a home office space that suits your style and works for your family. Just give us a call!

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